[Seaside] ConfigurationOfGetText broken?

Usman Bhatti usman.bhatti at gmail.com
Fri Jan 17 10:42:05 UTC 2014


It seems that some recent changes in the ConfigurationOfText have broken
the loading in the Pharo 3.0.

I'm loading GetText with the following script in my config.
project: 'GetText'
with: [
className: 'ConfigurationOfGettext';
file: 'ConfigurationOfGettext';
loads: #('Core' );
                                version: '1.3'; "tried #development too"
repository: 'http://smalltalkhub.com/mc/PharoExtras/Gettext/main'].

I get this error whatever version I put.

'The version ''1.3'' is not defined in ConfigurationOfGettext for the
current platform, because an exception occurred while creating the
version:. Error: The imported version:''1.1-baseline'' for version: 1.3
referenced from the method: #version13: in configuration
ConfigurationOfGettext has not been defined.. Evaluate the following to see
the error: ''[ConfigurationOfGettext project ]
on: MetacelloErrorInProjectConstructionNotification
do: [:ex | ex resume: true ].''
Possible versions include: #(#bleedingEdge #development #stable
''1.0-baseline'' ''1.0'' ''1.1'' ''1.2'')'

I tried to debug and compared with the changes from the previous version
but didn't find any workable solution.

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