[Seaside] Basic question about AJAX and callbacks

Mariano Martinez Peck marianopeck at gmail.com
Fri Jul 11 02:23:41 UTC 2014

Well...not there yet...now I am able to render the new table row with all
the 'mariano'. And the row itself seems to reflect changes (the callback of
the ajax is really executed). The problem now is that I don't know how to
make my render script to happen AFTER the callback of the ajax. I tried
#script:  , #onComplete: and #onSuccess:  (just in case). What I need is to
make the ajax call, serialize the form, execute the ajax callback, and then
do the replace of the tr (with a script).

The only one that seems to be executed later is #script: but when I do
this, the callback of the ajax is not executed.

Any ideas?


On Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 6:22 PM, Mariano Martinez Peck <
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> ouuuuch
> sorrryyyy by bad hahahhaha. Very funny. I will explain later. Don't loose
> your time.
> Best,
> On Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 6:00 PM, Esteban A. Maringolo <
> emaringolo at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Maybe you should use #onComplete: instead of #script: in your JQAjax
>> object.
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