[Seaside] Re: [squeak-dev] Kom or Swazoo?

Chris Muller asqueaker at gmail.com
Fri Jun 13 01:13:59 UTC 2014

> You're forgetting WebClient, which I'd say is the one you ought to use.

I didn't forget about WebClient, I just forgot that Kom and Swazoo are
nothing more than HTTP servers.  I thought they wrapped an HTTP server
to do more than that.  Duh!  I've been out of web for too long..

So, yes, WebClient is definitely the one to use with Squeak.

> http://ftp.squeak.org/4.4/seaside/
> You can see in this Tobias Pape built Seaside image the GUI tool that allows
> you to choose which server to use. An example of WebClient in use is there.

Tobias, that's a great image.  I'd like to get one for 3.1.1.  I tried
a couple of tweaks to your script inside the workspace in the image,
but got only as far as ConfigurationOfMagritte3AddOns when it said:

"Warning: This package depends on the following classes:
You must resolve these dependencies before you will be able to load
these definitions:
  MJJsonParser class>>onStream:for:
  MJJsonParser class>>parse:for:

Using the sections of your original Metacello script, and a simple
dependency check, I would like to make a separate entry for each of
these layers in SqueakMap so one can very easily assemble whatever
combination they want (e.g., with or without Parasol, or

And you know I would like to have this be a totally "locked down,"
immutable version and not the "latest" stable or anything because
Seaside is only consumed, not developed, on Squeak and I want it to
work even 5 years from now in 4.5.

Can you help me out?  Thanks!

> That link is there at all, I think, because on this list Seaside - general
> discussion I asked for it to be added. If I recall correctly Julian Fitzell
> added it, so it was a few years ago.

Thanks for that Chris.  Unfortunately it became invalid when the new
squeak.org site went in.  Seaside is important enough if for no other
than what Andre Agassi says, could you possibly put whatever content
we had at that link before?  Then people will know how to make Seaside
run on Squeak too.  Thanks!

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