[Pharo-dev] [Seaside] [ANN] Pharo and ST books page (as another Seaside demo on PharoCloud)

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Thu Mar 20 18:48:21 UTC 2014

Stef wrote:
> This is a nice idea but you should pay attention that I would prefer to have a forward 
> (books.pharo.org) to my pages because I signed agreement to some publisher saying 
> that the pdf will only be on this page.

Hi Stef,

as you can imagine it is not my goal to bring you in legal trouble. I dont know the agreements 
in detail but I see no violations as the PDFs are only linked and still reside/stay on your site.

So the page are just links to the original books just with a different presentation form 
more specialed to focus on Pharo. The page also includes updated links where to buy these 
books in case someone needs printed paper. 

As it is more focused on Pharo (than just ST) I additionally intend to link to tutorials 
as well in the near future. They are hard to find for newbees that do now follow closely
the announcements on the mailinglist.

To honor your collection and its original creator (= you) even more I now additionally added an 
info at the top including a link to your original page. 

Regarding update: I added you to the source project on STHub. I guess the book collection 
is not updated very often as new ST books are (unfortunately) not written daily. 

Hope this is OK for now. In any other case tell me.

Independent from that I think in the future we should provide a "Pharo Store" with apps,
images, frameworks (configs), books, videos and tutorials. Would be a fun project to write 
in Seaside with a better local config browser to access all these  but "Shhh...." I can 
not tell you more in advance - there may be already something in the pipe ;)


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