[Seaside] Syntax highlighting

Usman Bhatti usman.bhatti at gmail.com
Fri Mar 21 15:13:20 UTC 2014


I am looking to provide a custom syntax highlighting for the source code in
the web browser. The idea is to customize the view of the source code from
an analysis point of view instead of development one.

There is already a version working with Glamour (click on Code Analyzer
photo here <http://www.synectique.eu/en/4d.html>) and I am looking to do
something similar with Seaside/HTML.

There are many editors out there with built-in code highlighting for
several languages but I am not looking for a full-fledge highlighter. My
idea is to provide a stream of text with intervals and coloring information
and the framework takes care of the rest. Well, I hope so to find one :).


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