[Seaside] Can I know if a WATask answered?

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Mon Nov 3 12:00:37 UTC 2014

Hi Sebastian

Am 03.11.14 um 12:08 schrieb Sebastian Sastre:
> That idea of using a WATask to be #renderOn: instead of #call: is a 
> contradiction.
hmm. I am not sure about that. The usefulness of WATask gets very 
limited once it is embedded in another Components, because you can 
always click somewhere else and bypass the WATask completely.

But still you can use a WATask to ensure a certain sequence of 
> In any case, when they answer you know they did because you’ll see 
> control on whatever you did to capture its answer (and the actions of 
> the code after that)
That is not true. If you don't register an answerHandler for a WATask, 
you won't know at all. What you say is only true if you call: ed it  
which Mariano didn't.

But I guess in the end we both mean the same thing: you have to think 
carefully if a WATask is as safe in your special case as you learned it 
would be. In the good old Sushi store, it was very helpful, because it 
"was" the main component and not embedded in otrher Components that have 
their own callbacks and such.


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