[Seaside] How do I subclass WASession

David Pennington david at totallyobjects.com
Wed Nov 12 16:56:23 UTC 2014

 I have a problem when displaying my data screens on an iPad. I enlarge the text when displaying on an iPad as I want to see the data from a distance.  However, the buttons at the bottom of the form and the Home link are unchanged and thus are very small. I need to enlarge these as well.
One way would be to make the buttons larger but I am not even sure if that is possible. The other way that I can think of doing it is to  put a link on the bottom of the page in a large font size. However, to do this, the link would have to be able to send the data ID back to the previous page. In VAST WebConnection, I would do this by adding my own field to the SessionData object and saving the ID there. In all the Seaside documentation, people imply that this can be done but that I must subclass WASession. If I make a new object called - say - OBSLSession how would I ensure that this is used instead of the standard session. Sorry to be so ignorant.
BTW, the previous help on getting the browser ID worked perfectly.

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