[Seaside] Re: How do I subclass WASession

Udo Schneider udo.schneider at homeaddress.de
Wed Nov 12 17:48:28 UTC 2014

Hi David,

using your own WASession subclass is a (per-app) configuration option. 
So you can either set it manually using the config app 
(http:/ or by code. You can use something like 
this when registering/configuring your app:

MyCoolWAApp class>>#register
   ^ (WAAdmin register: self asApplicationAt: 'coolapp')
     preferenceAt: #sessionClass put: MyCoolWASession;

Just being curious: Why did you decide against CSS media queries to 
render different sizes/styles to different devices?



On 12.11.14 17:56, David Pennington wrote:
>   I have a problem when displaying my data screens on an iPad. I enlarge
> the text when displaying on an iPad as I want to see the data from a
> distance.  However, the buttons at the bottom of the form and the Home
> link are unchanged and thus are very small. I need to enlarge these as well.
> One way would be to make the buttons larger but I am not even sure if
> that is possible. The other way that I can think of doing it is to  put
> a link on the bottom of the page in a large font size. However, to do
> this, the link would have to be able to send the data ID back to the
> previous page. In VAST WebConnection, I would do this by adding my own
> field to the SessionData object and saving the ID there. In all the
> Seaside documentation, people imply that this can be done but that I
> must subclass WASession. If I make a new object called - say -
> OBSLSession how would I ensure that this is used instead of the standard
> session. Sorry to be so ignorant.
> BTW, the previous help on getting the browser ID worked perfectly.
> David
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