[Seaside] meaning full urls (address and links)

nova ant11.nova70 at gmx.de
Thu Oct 2 20:52:18 UTC 2014


I built a minimal test case for meaning full urls in seaside. It covers:
	a) initial redirect for "wrong" urls - done (thanks to Philippe
	   and Johan)

	b) links have a meaningful url - half-done (see below)
	c) page url has a meaningful url - half-done (see below)

b) and c) I get only the one or the other to work - not both the same
time. The test class is named Testurl and I attached its fileout. 

b) is done inside the #renderContext: method via the #extraPath: of

c) is done via the #updateUrl: method

But if both is activated then the urls of the links are AAA/AAA
or BBB/AAA instead of just AAA. 

Has anyone a hint for me?

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