[Seaside] Setup Pier environment

dtrussardi at tiscali.it dtrussardi at tiscali.it
Tue Oct 21 14:31:02 UTC 2014


> Ciao,
> 	i need to test the Pier into Pharo.
> 	Yesterday i work to load the Pier environment into Pharo2.0.
> 	I found some error relative the ConfigurationOfPier3AddOns  ( see relative mail ).
> 	Now this problems are resolved but the Pier Admin interface work with some problem.
> Now i wonder that is the best solution to obtain a Pharo Pier environment that works.
> It's best follow the creation of new Pharo image as in this e-mail,   ( it's best load Seaside - Magritte - Pier separately ? )
> 	or manage the error as write in my last email	 Re: [Seaside] ConfigurationOfPier3AddOns load error
>> 	It erase only a error at :   PRAdminSetup   initialize		
>> 		when declare:		 preferenceAt: #useCookies put: false;
>> 		because #useCookies is not configured.

	I don't think it's an error but a change of the WAApplication structures.

	Anyone have any ideas about this?	

	I need to load one hold version of Seaside and Pier ?

	The Pier3AddOns can work with the new structure?




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