[Seaside] Setup Pier environment

dtrussardi at tiscali.it dtrussardi at tiscali.it
Tue Oct 21 17:12:03 UTC 2014


>> 	i need to test the Pier into Pharo.
>> 	Yesterday i work to load the Pier environment into Pharo2.0.
>> 	I found some error relative the ConfigurationOfPier3AddOns  ( see relative mail ).
>> 	Now this problems are resolved but the Pier Admin interface work with some problem.
>> Now i wonder that is the best solution to obtain a Pharo Pier environment that works.
>> It's best follow the creation of new Pharo image as in this e-mail,   ( it's best load Seaside - Magritte - Pier separately ? )

	i used a new Pharo2.0  #20628  image 

	After i load:

		Gofer it
			 squeaksource: 'MetacelloRepository';
			 package: 'ConfigurationOfPier3AddOns'; load.

	and do: 	 ( ConfigurationOfPier3AddOns project version: '3.1.1') load.

	The system load all.

FIRST)	The loads generates:

					A)  two  JQWidget  error dependence  " But i think is not  very important " or i wrong ?  

					B) PRAdminSetup class initialize error:

						| piersetup |
						piersetup := (WAAdmin register: self asApplicationAt: 'piersetup')
					****		preferenceAt: #useCookies put: false;   ******
							preferenceAt: #scriptGeneratorClass put: JQScriptGenerator;
							preferenceAt: #rootDecorationClasses put: #();
						addLibrary: JQDeploymentLibrary

	Because the useCookies is not configured.

SECOND)	The same error is generated by PRAdminLogin 

 			  which does not handle - answer at the login button 

	registerAt: dispatcherName administering: kernelPathPair
	| pierAdminApplication |
	pierAdminApplication := (WAAdmin register: self asApplicationAt: dispatcherName)
	*****preferenceAt: #useCookies put: false; ******
		preferenceAt: #scriptGeneratorClass put: JQScriptGenerator;
		preferenceAt: #documentClass put: PRAdminHtmlDocumentStoredHeadElements;
		preferenceAt: #actionPhaseContinuationClass put: PRAdminActionPhaseContinuation;
		preferenceAt: #renderPhaseContinuationClass put: PRAdminRenderPhaseContinuation;
		preferenceAt: #rootDecorationClasses put: #();
		addLibrary: JQDeploymentLibrary;
		addLibrary: JQUiDeploymentLibrary;
		addLibrary: JQBaseTheme;
		addLibrary: SPHighlightedStyle.x

	pierAdminApplication configuration addParent: NAFileUploadConfigurator instance.	
	pierAdminApplication configuration addParent: PRAdminConfigurator instance.
	pierAdminApplication pierAdminKernelPathPair: kernelPathPair

THIRD)	The piersetup  browser entry, at the bottom,  display some javascript  and don't update the page 

	after the vary command for example:  New from template    step

These are some problems i found,

	thanks for any help to solving



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