[Seaside] Setup Pier environment

dtrussardi at tiscali.it dtrussardi at tiscali.it
Wed Oct 22 09:23:16 UTC 2014


Whereas the problems of my last e-mail are still open, 

(I wonder if others have the same problems) 

i add a few notes about the NAFileUpload support:

	1) Some instance methods of NAFileUpload class,  reference the	 WARenderCanvas  class

		but WARenderCanvas is not in the system.   ( Change it to WACanvas ? )

	2) NAFileUploadConfigurator class method 


			^  FileDirectory default pathName,  GRPlatform current pathSeparator, 'uploadedFiles'

	call pathName,  but it's deprecate.

	I think to change it with fullName method.

These are a few considerations that together with the previous does not allow me to test the Pier support into Pharo.

If i right  understand, this in any case is the area on which to work. 

Pier previous versions i believe are misaligned.

It's right ?

Thanks for any help, considerations,


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