[Seaside] authecation question

Roelof Wobben r.wobben at home.nl
Mon Sep 1 20:02:32 UTC 2014

Esteban A. Maringolo schreef op 1-9-2014 20:46:
> 2014-09-01 15:36 GMT-03:00 Roelof Wobben <r.wobben at home.nl>:
>> Sebastian Sastre schreef op 1-9-2014 19:56:
>> Hi Roelof,
>> Just to make sure you’re on the right expectation, Seaside is agnostic to
>> it. It’s up to each app how to implement that feature.
>> Sounds like you need to implement some kind of:
>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Role-based_access_control
>> Yes, that is what Im looking for.
>> Do you have tips how to start simple ?
> In my previous job I mapped a model very similar to the one in the
> Wikipedia page, and it proved to be useful and sustainable in the long
> term even in enterprise applications.
> I'm implementing (re-writing) such model again, with some tweaks. But
> it's not available for publishing yet.
> So to start simple you could start by modeling users, roles and permissions.
> Users has roles, roles has permissions, and you can query whether an
> user has certain permission at different points of your application.
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But still I do not see how I can map things like this ?


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