[Seaside] Stripe Testing

Maarten Mostert maarten.mostert at wanadoo.fr
Fri Aug 28 11:51:49 UTC 2015


I am making a Stripe interface in VW (AppeX) for which I encounter some problems.

Logically I tried to inspire me with opening Pharo and loading Paul’s Stripe package.

Unfortunately it doesn’t want to load in Pharo I get stuck among some simple ones on the error 
The symbolic version #stable is not defined in ConfigurationOfOmniBrowser for the current platform. Possible symbolic version values include: #(#bleedingEdge)

Maybe someone can hint me to a pharo/squeak image that loads the stuff without problem so I can run the test and look more into detail how things are done.

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83400 Hyères, France
+33 676411296 
http://stakepoint.com/ <http://stakepoint.com/>

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