[Seaside] Re: Setting Up Pharo and Seaside on the Digital Ocean ISP

Stephan Eggermont stephan at stack.nl
Fri Dec 11 11:18:58 UTC 2015

On 10-12-15 20:21, Bruce Prior wrote:
> I am looking for a procedure that would load Pharo and Seaside into
> Digital Ocean. I have worked through Sven Van Caekenberghe's tutorial in
> setting up a simple website on Digital Ocean and that worked great. But
> I would like to run Seaside there, too.

Here are some notes from a non-https server

created droplet
with my ssh keys
remember droplet ip
ssh root@[ip address of droplet]
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
K(eep locally modified version of menu)

Intrusion detection system
apt-get installl fail2ban
apt-get install vim
useradd deploy
mkdir /home/deploy
mkdir /home/deploy/.ssh
chmod 700 /home/deploy/.ssh

vim /home/deploy/.ssh/authorized_keys

add id_rsa.pub contents

chmod 400 /home/deploy/.ssh/authorized_keys
chown deploy:deploy /home/deploy -R

In  a new shell, try to login as deploy@[ip address of droplet]

passwd deploy
[enter your password for deploy user]

[enter your password for root]


root	ALL=(ALL) ALL
deploy ALL=(ALL) ALL

vim /etc/ssh/sshd_config

PermitRootLogin no
PasswordAuthentication no
AllowUsers deploy

service ssh restart

ufw allow 22
ufw allow 80
ufw allow 443
ufw enable

temporary ufw allow 8080
to make sure the seaside app works without the nginx in front of it
afterwards deny

apt-get install unattended-upgrades

vim /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/10periodic

APT::Periodic::Update-Package-Lists "1";
APT::Periodic::Download-Upgradeable-Packages "1";
APT::Periodic::AutocleanInterval "7";
APT::Periodic::Unattended-Upgrade "1";

vim /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/50unattended-upgrades

// Automatically upgrade packages from these (origin:archive) pairs
Unattended-Upgrade::Allowed-Origins {
         "Ubuntu raring ringtail-security";

vi /etc/ufw/before.rules

(on top)
-A PREROUTING -p tcp --dport 80 -j REDIRECT --to-port 8080

ufw enable

zip Seaside.image,changes,sources to Archive.zip

scp Archive.zip deploy@[ip address of droplet]

unzip Archive.zip

apt-get install xvfb
apt-get install x11vncdu

apt-get install nginx
sudo service nginx start

chown deploy /var/log/nginx/error.log
chown deploy /var/log/nginx/access.log
sudo vim /etc/nginx/sites-available/example

worker_processes 1;

   worker_connections  1024;

   include       mime.types;
   default_type  application/octet-stream;

     server_name [ip address of droplet] yourdomain.tld 
www.yourdomain.tld *.yourdomain.tld;

     root /var/www/www.yourdomain.tld/;

     location /

repeat the server block for each extra image you want to run
with a different domain, only have the numbers version once.
port number increases for each following image.

sudo ln -s /etc/nginx/sites-available/example 

sudo rm /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default

Cleanup seaside

WADispatcher default unregister: (WADispatcher default handlers at: 

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