[Seaside] Re: #seasideTranslated, which package?

Hilaire hilaire at drgeo.eu
Mon Feb 2 19:59:36 UTC 2015

Le 02/02/2015 18:25, Johan Brichau a écrit :
> If I understand you correctly, that means Seaside-Core will be a dirty package when I load Seaside-Gettext.
> When I then update to a newer version of Seaside-Core, the change by Seaside-Gettext gets lost.

You are right.

> That’s not something you want to happen.
> Why would you want such a method to live in the Core ?

Some packages requires #seasideTranslated but you may not need
l10n/gettext in your project. Of course you can just install it and
ignore it :)



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