[Seaside] Custom Magritte description and component

Hilaire hilaire at drgeo.eu
Wed Feb 11 13:23:11 UTC 2015


Hope it is the good place to ask for.

As an exercise, I am implementing a description and a component for a
model object (sort of date).
The model comes with two attributes: an integer (day) and a symbol (month).
So far I have a component with a text field (to input the integer) and a
drop down menu to select the month.
However I am struggling in the validation part, I don't understand how
to get it right; so far I have sort of validation taking place in the
component, and I think it is wrong.

I have enclosed a fileout of the three classes

The model is described with:

    ^ CGDateDescription new
        accessor: #estimatedDate;
        label: 'Estimated date ';
        priority: 150;

Thanks a lot


Dr. Geo - http://drgeo.eu
iStoa - http://istoa.drgeo.eu

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