[Seaside] Anchor appearance when script attached

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the appearance of an anchor is not dependent on whether it has event 
handlers attached to it. So I guess there is more to it thant just 
onClick and onKeyDown.

The best thing to find out what's foing on is to look at the anchor in 
your web browser's dev tools and see what styles are in place for your 
anchor. This sure helps you find the reason for the change in its rendering.


Am 18.02.15 um 04:58 schrieb Laura Risani:
> Hi all,
> I want to attach a jQuery script to an anchor element while keeping 
> the regular anchor appearance (i mean that web browsers render it like 
> any other anchor, being focusable), and to be triggered under the same 
> conditions a callback would (clicked / pressing a key while having focus).
> I can attach the script by sending
> html anchor onClick: aScript; onKeyDown:aScript
> but then the printed anchor looks on the web browser like regular text 
> and don't get foucs.
> Best,
> Laura
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