[Seaside] Seaside Coding Pattern

Craig craig at hivemind.net
Fri Feb 20 06:20:09 UTC 2015

Hi All,

A pretty-much universal pattern of coding of Web Apps in non-image based
languages (C#, PHP, Java) is:
	* The incoming web request starts a process 
	* some objects are instantiated, usually from a SQL datastore,
	* some interactions occur with these objects
	* optionally, some database modifications are made
	* a response is sent to the web browser
	* all the temporary variables that point to the objects go
	* all the objects are garbage collected

I caught myself coding a Seaside app using the same pattern and wondered if
it's sub-optimal in an image based language.

So, is this an acceptable way to code a Seaside app?  Should I rather be
using long-lived image based objects? Stored in a collection hung off a
class variable. 

Comments would be appreciated.


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