[Seaside] Re: Listening to a comet app

Paul DeBruicker pdebruic at gmail.com
Thu Feb 26 15:17:34 UTC 2015

laura wrote
> No, i just loaded the package from the package browser...
> When you are interested in loading a package, how do you know if it is
> enough loading it from package browser or if you should load it from a
> configuration? I mean, how do you know that a given package can be loaded
> from a configuration?
> How do you know what "things" can be loaded from a configuration? Do you
> use a common class browser on a configuration / versionner / or there is
> another tool?

You can't tell if its enough to load just the package from just the package
itself.  It would be nice if it worked differently but it does not.  There
is also no way to tell which ConfigurationOf* or BaselineOf* contains the
loading information for package.  In general it is one of the
ConfigurationOf* or BaselineOf* packages in the same repo as the package of
interest.  So start with those when thinking about loading a package.  

When you load just the package you risk missing dependencies.  About the
only place those dependencies are recorded in the Pharo universe is in a
Metacello ConfigurationOf or BaselineOf.  

I just use the common class browser on the ConfigurationOf* or BaselineOf*
to see whats provided by the config.  I'd be happy to learn a better way
though. If Smalltalkhub (http://smalltalkhub.com) had a code browser then
you could learn from the website what loads what, but it does not so you
have to use the image.  SqueakSource (http://squeaksource.com) and
SqueakSource3 (http://ss3.gemtalksystems.com) have code browsers so you
don't have to use a image to learn about the configs stored there.  

A better way to discover and track these things would be useful for sure.  

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