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In your plain English example is what you want happening in the client
browser or in your smalltalk image, ideally?  

If you want the friends data in your image then you should consider using
Ramon Leon's ThreadPool: 
http://onsmalltalk.com/2010-07-28-a-simple-thread-pool-for-smalltalk . I've
kept it working here: http://smalltalkhub.com/#!/~pdebruic/ThreadPool  You
could use it to get the friends data from Facebook into the image.  Then
poll for results from the client to update any divs/views.  You can queue
the thread pool requests in your login callback before you even begin
rendering things.  

If you just want to load the friends into a div only in the client its
probably easier to write a JS function in an external file and call it from
Seaside using the info specific to the user. e.g.

html div
    script: ((html jQuery id: 'friendList') call: 'loadFriendList' with:
self userFacebookID).

Look at the JSScript class for the definition of  #<< .  It just
concatenates the scripts.  The #script: method passes a stream into the
block, and the << writes whatever you've written onto that stream.  Check
the senders and implementors to get your bearings. 

When you have time please send things like:

"I think this code "____code example_____" should do  "____expected
behavior____" but instead it does "____jumbly voodoo_____" instead. What
don't I understand?  

Hope this helps.


sergio_101 wrote
> i think i am having alot of difficulty understanding out to phrase ajax
> and
> jquery calls in seaside.. everywhere else, i use jquery etc
> unobtrusively..
> so i don't leave the javacript world when i write javascript. i just can't
> seem to find anything that makes sense on how to do something as simple as
> this using pure seaside/smalltalk.
> i can't really even understand what the "<<" in:
> script: [ :s | s << (s jQuery: #logger) html: DateAndTime now
>      ]);
> does..
> in plain english, i would like to do this:
> - when the page loads, call the url as an ajax function
> - set the variable -> currentUser friendsList: (from the above)
> but i am not understanding how to even code this..
> thanks!
> On Fri, Feb 27, 2015 at 3:27 PM Sebastian Sastre <

> sebastian@

>> wrote:
>> why the fork that way?
>> I’d think more into make it a normal render page that has a little piece
>> of javascript that will do an ajax hit to a server callback to do
>> whatever
>> you want, no?
>> > On Feb 27, 2015, at 1:45 PM, sergio_101 &lt;

> sergio.rrd@

> &gt; wrote:
>> >
>> > i am currently writing a facebook application in seaside. one of the
>> most important pieces of data i need to retrieve is the user's friends
>> list. unfortunately, this could end up being a substantial amount of
>> data.
>> fortunately, the load time for this data is not horrible, just a few
>> seconds.
>> > i am making the assumption that while interacting with my app, the user
>> will not be adding new friends mid stream, and that during each session,
>> the friends list will be static.
>> >
>> > what i would like to do is make this happen completely behind the
>> scenes, so that when the user logs in, the request for the friends list
>> is
>> fired off RIGHT AFTER the page is rendered.
>> > i read the section on concurrency in 'deep into pharo', and while
>> incomplete, it makes enough sense for me to try it.
>> > my question is.. i am going to do something like:
>> >
>> > [currentUser updateData] fork
>> >
>> > 1. if i want to do that RIGHT AFTER rendering, can i put that at the
>> end
>> of renderContentOn: html ?
>> > 2. when i want to work with the data, how would i know if it was done
>> updating? i was thinking of using a semaphore.. but how would i let the
>> next process know to keep waiting until the process was done? i would
>> want
>> to do something like: getFriendsList (but make sure process that
>> populates
>> it is done before running the request).
>> >
>> > thanks!
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