[Seaside] Re: Grid like entry with autosave

Sanjay Minni sm at planage.com
Thu Jan 8 17:06:21 UTC 2015

I have some basic questions while trying to code for a UI below

	html table: [  
		self transactions dataLines do: [ :tr |
			html tableRow: [
				html tableData: <code here for date>
				html tableData: <code here for receipt / payout indicator >
				html tableData: [  
					html textInput value: [:value | tr amount: value]; with: tr amount. ].
				html tableData: [ 
					html anchor callback: [ self removeTransaction: tr ]; with: 'delete'. 

Questions given the display will be as per below :
1. which is the best brush to use for date in this case
2. which brush to use for amount - this is financial amount usually 2 or 3
decimals, right justified and the digits are comma ',' separated and should
I use a float in the model (Using Pharo 4)
3. what is the usual method to get empty lines below - else I will have to
code for an 'add' button
4. most important - ... so far ... this is not part of a form - what brushes
/ tags should I use if the parent will be a form (there will be other parts
in the screen above, below and aside the part below


Sanjay Minni wrote
> Hi,
> I want to make a grid like entry widget on a collection with auto save
> (say like excel / google sheets behaves). pls advice on how to go about
> the UI. I looked as the examples - Forms where to add / delete a separate
> sub screen comes on - that is not what I am looking for.
> Simply put it has a date, a symbol / text  and an amount
> i should be able to edit inline, keep adding at end, or delete a link /
> button at end of each line
> thanks
> Sanjay

Regards, Sanjay
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