[Seaside] passing json between seaside and javascript

sergio_101 sergio.rrd at gmail.com
Fri Jan 16 15:23:22 UTC 2015

i accidentally sent this to the pharo group, rather than this group.. so i
hope they forgive me over there. anyway:

i am currently working on an app that uses a javascript library to render
the state of an object inside seaside. i am trying to figure out the best
way to transfer the state of object to javascript.

the state of the machine changes via form inputs and ajax.

i already have the code to convert the state of my object to json, so i am
thinking i can do this one of two ways..

via ajax, inject the json code into a variable in a function that is fired
off by ajax. i just am not sure how to inject this json string into the
page where it would look like the contents of a variable. any ideas?

or, i could make a component that just spits out the current state as a
json string. this way, when the value of a form element changes, that value
is sent over ajax to seaside, and seaside can answer back with the new
state as a json string. i am just not sure how to implement this, either.
any ideas?

let me know if there is a better approach to this, also.

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