[Seaside] Seaside and gettext not exporting domain strings

David Carlos Manuelda stormbyte at gmail.com
Thu Jan 22 17:54:44 UTC 2015

I am following guide from https://code.google.com/p/seaside/wiki/Gettext, 
and also, downloaded Seaside-Gettext-Examples-pmm.4.mcz from monticello 
source http://www.squeaksource.com/Seaside30Addons.

It seems a good source of learning gettext integration into seaside.

To test the example, I just doit: WAGettextExample register, and enter to 

It displays good, but when I try to export the domain strings, via 
evaluating WAGettextExample export, I only get pharo strings, and not the 
gettext domain strings present there.

As it is an autoconfigurable example, and little enough, can someone point 
me in the right direction about what is happening?

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