[Seaside] Re: Seaside and gettext not exporting domain strings

David Carlos Manuelda stormbyte at gmail.com
Sun Jan 25 10:47:40 UTC 2015

Stephan Eggermont wrote:

> David wrote:
>>Just that it seems to work only with csv import/export, can it work also
>>with regular po/pot/mo files from gettext?
> I haven't neede them yet. Looks like a simple enough format.
> What are the advantages of it? Are there better tools than a spreadsheet
> for this? With the translations in-system, I can add a translation mode
> to a webpage/component.
> Stephan

Hi Stephan,

Well, in my opinion, gettext has some advantages over simple csv dictionary 
translations, there are tools to translate also, like Poedit, while the 
issue is not about if there are or not better tools.

What makes gettext more powerful is that it supports different plural forms 
(for example), since there are languages that don't have only a singular and 
a plural form, and I guess it has more.

If you find time, you could look at it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gettext.

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