[Seaside] addSyle: inside updateRoot not being able to set URL

David stormbyte at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 16:28:34 UTC 2015

Hi all,

I implemented updateUrl, updateRoot and initialRequest so I can take
care of the URLs in my project. Specifically, as I am working with
rewrites, I hide my "app name" configured in seaside.

As an example, a "normal" link would be:
mydomain.com/my_app_name/?_s=XX&_k=YY. By implementing updateRoot,
initialRequest, updateUrl and rewrites in nginx's config, I am
successful in completelly remove my_app_name from all links in all the
site except one place.

Inside updateRoot: I put custom CSS via aHtmlRoot addStyle: ( "My CSS
code" ), and it works, but the link is generated with "my_app_name" in

Any way to handle that URL generation so I can hide it there also?


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