[Seaside] Problems setting up a GLASS/Jade

Dale Henrichs dale.henrichs at gemtalksystems.com
Tue Jul 21 02:09:09 UTC 2015


Well, you are not asking a "stupid newbie question" ..

I've been in the process of improving the documentation and setup 
environment for using GLASS, but it is a large task and I'm only partway 
through ... I've created a project up on github[1] where I am hoping to 
consolidate all of the documentation.

If you take a look at the project README[2], the installServer script is 
described, that downloads, installs and starts a stone ... in one script 
... included in the project is a set of scripts[3] for starting/stopping 
stones and a number of common operations. The scripts work on both the 
Mac and Linux ...

The GsDevKitHome development environment is based on tODE[4] and all of 
the documentation is written assuming that you are using tODE, but if 
you know what you are doing you can use GemTools or Jade.

By using the installServer script or the createTodeStone (once you've 
done an initial install) scripts to create stones, you will be 
guaranteed to get a GsDevKit/GLASS installation using the latest code base.

Once you've created a stone, follow the GsDevKitHome Seaside3.1 project 
installation instructions[5].

Normally, I would say feel free to ask me more questions and I could 
help you with any issues that you might run into, but I have a family 
health issue to take care of and I will not be generally available for 
at least a couple of weeks. I will be checking email when I can.

If you join the GLASS/GSDevKit mailing list[6], there should be folks in 
the community who can answer many of your questions.


[1] https://github.com/GsDevKit/gsDevKitHome
[6] http://lists.gemtalksystems.com/mailman/listinfo/glass

On 7/20/15 5:31 PM, Ezequiel Tolnay wrote:
> Hi all,
> This is the first time I'm asking something to the community after 20 
> years in IT! And I really hate coming with the stupid newbie question...
> I'm banging my head on the wall trying to get a basic GLASS/Jade 
> set-up up and running. All the tutorials are outdated and whilst some 
> tools seem to continue to work (I couldn't manage to install a GLASS 
> extent on my linux server, but I could on my mac), the instructions to 
> get all the required libraries/supporting classes fails at some point. 
> Other people has had the same problem and asked for a solution but in 
> the last year or so there have been no satisfactory answers.
> The cleanest and simplest guidelines I've found so far, which fail, 
> are the following:
>  1. Set-up Gemstone/S 64 on mac (done, although this is a temporary
>     measure, I'll need to install on linux in production)
>       * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Oz4RLcEWXs
>  2. Set-up a GLASS extent and upgrade Metacello, Margerite, and
>     Seaside to use with Jade (fails):
>       * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnRB5rBbkiI
>       * https://programminggems.wordpress.com/2013/10/01/jade/
>          o
>           o > run
>           o ConfigurationOfMagritte3 project stableVersion load.
>           o %
>           o --transcript--'Loading 3.0.1 of ConfigurationOfMagritte3...'
>           o ERROR 2010 , a MessageNotUnderstood occurred (error 2010),
>             a MetacelloVersionConstructor does not understand
>              #'baseline:with:' (MessageNotUnderstood)
> The problem seems silly, just one missing message on 
> MetacelloVersionConstructor.
> I've gone through with the Boquitas tutorial in Pharo and I'm very 
> keen on beginning to develop a solution in seaside that can actually 
> be used in production. Is GLASS dead? How is seaside normally used in 
> a demanding production environment? GNU smalltalk and a database?
> Thank you and apologies for the newbie annoyance!
> Cheers,
> Ziggy
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