[Seaside] Concurrent requests from multiple sessions

Bob Arning arning315 at comcast.net
Fri Mar 6 13:14:51 UTC 2015

You've had some good answers so far. Here are some other ideas that 
might also help

- Can you split the single big DB2 request into several smaller ones and 
yield the processor between each to allow other Smalltalk processes a 
- Can you move the DB2 requests to a separate Smalltalk image? Image one 
connects to image two via socket and sends the request. While image two 
is building the answer, image one is simply waiting for data on a socket 
and that can happen concurrently with other processes in image one.


On 3/6/15 5:17 AM, wilwarin wrote:
> Hi all,
> Currently we are developing a web application in Seaside, and it is
> necessary for us to work in VAST. The application runs as a Windows service,
> and for a few days we are facing the following issue:
> - At one moment there are two users (let's call them 'A' and 'B') logged in
> in the application, so we have two different sessions.
> - 'A' requests a page with a long list of objects obtained from DB2, so it
> takes a number of seconds to get the results.
> - Less than one second after 'A''s request, 'B' requests another page, for
> instance an easy static page.
> - For the time the 'A''s request is handled, the 'B''s browser window
> freezes and waits for those number of seconds mentioned above.
> We searched really a lot, but still the results are not what we would
> expect. This issue makes as confused, because in the future the application
> should serve hundreds of users with very similar combinations of requests.
> We didn't know, where our problem lies, so we tried a similar test with a
> single page with a difficult calculation inside. Then we tried the same in
> Pharo to exclude the problem in VAST. Both with the same results.
> Is there anything we are missing? What should we do to achieve a parallel
> (or kinda better) processing of requests?
> Thank you very much for your responses.
> Ondrej
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