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Dear Ondrej,

since processing the loaded data is your bottleneck: is there a way to parallelize that processing? If so, you could try parallelization using Smalltalk processes. Depending on the nature of the processing it can already yield good results. In Cincom Smalltalk you could also use MatriX to spawn worker images. As you are on VAST you don't have that out. Yet maybe VAST offers other possibilities of a similar architecture.


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Thank you, Jan.

We will try it. Unfortunately we find out that a communication with a database is not the worst part. But, if we have many results, there is a need to process them before rendering and it takes most of time, which blocks the image.

We assumed that almost every project is facing a similar issue - many sessions requesting some server-side processing simultaneously - and it won't be such difficult to make it all 'parallel'. 

Does it mean, that most of Seaside projects around have several images behind, so user's request is not blocked by another one? Do we have any other way to achieve that (instead of combination 'several images & load balancing)?

Again, thank you all for your time.

Jan van de Sandt wrote
> Hi,
> By default a call to a database like DB2 will block the image in VASt. 
> You can change this by setting the #AllCallsThreaded preference in 
> AbtDbmSystem to true. Then the calls with use a differente OS thread 
> and other processes in the image will continue to run.
> Jan.
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> Ondrej.Altman@

> > wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Currently we are developing a web application in Seaside, and it is 
>> necessary for us to work in VAST. The application runs as a Windows 
>> service, and for a few days we are facing the following issue:
>> - At one moment there are two users (let's call them 'A' and 'B') 
>> logged in in the application, so we have two different sessions.
>> - 'A' requests a page with a long list of objects obtained from DB2, 
>> so it takes a number of seconds to get the results.
>> - Less than one second after 'A''s request, 'B' requests another 
>> page, for instance an easy static page.
>> - For the time the 'A''s request is handled, the 'B''s browser window 
>> freezes and waits for those number of seconds mentioned above.
>> We searched really a lot, but still the results are not what we would 
>> expect. This issue makes as confused, because in the future the 
>> application should serve hundreds of users with very similar 
>> combinations of requests.
>> We didn't know, where our problem lies, so we tried a similar test 
>> with a single page with a difficult calculation inside. Then we tried 
>> the same in Pharo to exclude the problem in VAST. Both with the same 
>> results.
>> Is there anything we are missing? What should we do to achieve a 
>> parallel (or kinda better) processing of requests?
>> Thank you very much for your responses.
>> Ondrej
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