[Seaside] Re: Page title and end screen

Laura Risani laura.risani at gmail.com
Fri Mar 6 18:43:11 UTC 2015

> I'd just make a static page that had the 'you have left' messaging and
> leave
> it at that.  OR use Seaside-REST to show a component at whatever URL you
> want.
Ok. I'll go with the static page then.

> What's the value of your use case vs just using a dedicated "Thanks & come
> back soon" page?

The user is moving out of a kind of room because he either left or was
kicked. I want to give feedback on the reason and on the success of the
Personally i don't like the "come back soon" msg. I find it imperative, i
prefer a msg that highlights what one have to offer / why to come back. Yet
perhaps this can't be said shortly enough, and also perhaps "come back
soon" sounds nicer to native speakers than to me.

> To attempt the 'line of text' bit you maybe could just use

That works nice too!

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