[Seaside] Re: Concurrent requests from multiple sessions

David Carlos Manuelda stormbyte at gmail.com
Sat Mar 7 15:31:49 UTC 2015

wilwarin wrote:

> David, thank you for your answers.
> Several images & load balancing was the solution we were a little bit
> worried about, as we assume we are going to need more database connections
> then. And that was one of the goals we were thinking about, minimalize
> this number as much as possible.
> Regarding to similar combinations of requests I mentioned, those long
> lists of objects are overviews of big tables, and user always creates a
> specific filter to display their subsets. Right now I cannot imagine, how
> the database cache could be helpful in this case, but I will look at it.
> Thank you once more.
> Ondrej.
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The number of connections should not worry you if you use a pool with a 
healthy maximum number of connections defined.

For the cache, well, it is only useful for gathering same data, I mean:

User A asks for X
 * query database
 * store cache

User B asks for X
 * retrieve from cache

User C adds items
 * query database
 * invalidate cache

About the filters, depending on the data amount, a) you can apply filters 
after database data is grabbed, or b) directly into database.

With a) you gain more cache hits, but you may lose some performance if the 
data/filters combination is expensive

With b) you will have likelly less cache hits (because you should store in 
cache data+filter combination but you may gain potentially a bit of 

Those are the 2 cases of study here

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