[Seaside] Modal dialogs and Updating/closing

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Thu Mar 12 10:22:55 UTC 2015

I have a modal dialog in Seaside like the Bootstrap one demonstrated


When I click on "Save Changes" I would like the server to verify
data (for instance check credentials for a login) and possibly 
display a message in the dialog when the input was wrong.

In such a case I only want to refresh the contents of the dialog 
and not a full page refresh, because with a full page refresh the 
dialog would not be open again but also I want the updated info 
to look smooth without flickering of a full page reload.

Also when the data is fine after checking on the server the 
dialog should close.

What options do I have/whats the best way to implement this? 
Any best practices or simple examples ideally with Bootstrap?


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