[Seaside] Re: Alternative to call:

Stephan Eggermont stephan at stack.nl
Sun Mar 29 16:56:52 UTC 2015

On 28/03/15 16:53, J.F. Rick wrote:
> Thanks everybody for the guidance. I'm still getting used to the Seaside
> component model, but my competence is growing. For what I want to do
> (basically, a thumbnail that takes you to the profile page for that
> user), using the session presenter seems like the way to go.

I don't know any Seaside applications doing that, which suggests it
might not be the way to go. Doing what you want with pagechoice and
announcements is easy. For a complete application using that style,
take a look at StoryBoard on ci.inria.fr/pharo-contribution



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