[Seaside] 'Clean' URLs in Seaside

Phil (list) pbpublist at gmail.com
Mon May 4 09:27:27 UTC 2015

I managed to get Seaside 2.x to use 'clean' URLs by following Ramon's
post here http://onsmalltalk.com/clean-urls-in-seaside/  a while back.
However, some things appear to have changed in 3.x and what needs to
change to get rid of the _k parameter (i.e. move it into a cookie) is
different now.  So could anyone with experience in doing this in 3.x
share what's involved?

Also, it's understandable why passing this in the URL was the way to go
5+ years ago, but cookies are pretty widely accepted as requirements on
many sites these days. Is there some reason this hasn't been made a
simple config option as it was for the _s parameter?  Seems like it
would be pretty popular...


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