[Seaside] Re: [Seaside-dev] Optimization / performance tuning

Johan Brichau johan at inceptive.be
Sun May 17 11:26:50 UTC 2015

I have never tried anything along those lines but you could decorate a component and keep the rendered html in that decoration. Something along:

renderContentOn: html
	^ html html: (generatedHtml ifNil:[ generatedHtml := WAHtmlCanvas builder render:[:html2 | self renderNextOn: html2 ] ])

Though I’m seriously doubting any advantage in performance here by caching. This will only provide an advantage if the rendering code inside that cached component is slow.
If you need a page that is cached, try using a restful url in your app and turn on a front-end webserver page cache for that url.

Disclaimer: I also don’t know if the above really works and what caveats might arise. Keep us posted if you give it a try.


> On 17 May 2015, at 03:32, Phil (list) <pbpublist at gmail.com> wrote:
> While the actual implementation would likely be application specific, I
> was wondering if there are any facilities in Seaside to help optimize
> Seaside application performance?  For example, given an invariant
> component branch, is there any way to render once at the instance or
> session level and cache the resulting output rather than re-rendering
> each time the page is loaded?  Any pointers to tips and techniques along
> these lines would be appreciated...
> Thanks,
> Phil
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