[Seaside] Re: [Seaside-dev] How to send email from seaside web application using gmail smtp server

Johan Brichau johan at inceptive.be
Wed Nov 11 08:48:08 UTC 2015

For general Seaside questions, please post to the Seaside general discussion mailinglist.

Did you load the Seaside-Email-* packages? There are facilities in Seaside to help you generating an mail.
For examples, check out the Seaside-Tests-Email package. 

In addition, Stephan’s suggestion to use ZdcSecureSMTPClient from Zinc-Zodiac seems a good suggestion as it’s probably an SSL/TLS connection that you need.
For that, you will need to manually replace the references to SMTPClient in GRPlatform to ZdcSecureSMTPClient

> On 11 Nov 2015, at 08:43, Jayalakshmi Lade <jayalakshmi.lade at solteco.biz> wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to send an email using gmail smtp server from my seaside web application to any email id, for that in workspace I used below code,
> username:= 'test at gmail.com <mailto:test at gmail.com>'.
>  password:='admin'.
>  client := SMTPClient openOnHostNamed: 'smtp.gmail.com <http://smtp.gmail.com/>' port: 465.
>  client user: username; password: password; login; initiateSession.
> client mailFrom: 'test at gmail.com <mailto:test at gmail.com>';
>       recipient: 'jayal at gmail.com <mailto:jayal at gmail.com>';
>       data:
>  'Subject: Hello from SMTPClient!
>  From: 	test at gmail.com <http://gmail.com/>			
>  To: jayal at gmail.com <mailto:jayal at gmail.com>
>  Sending from SMTPClient!'.
>  client quit.
> when I inspect getting this error:  "Connection closed: Connection closed while waiting for data".
> Can anyone please help on this?
> Looking forward for your suggestions.
> Thanks,
> Jaya L
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