[Seaside] how to render access to a JS argument variable?

Chris Muller asqueaker at gmail.com
Fri Oct 9 01:46:12 UTC 2015

Found something.  JSAlias.

>     html span
>          class: 'PufMessageWidget' ;
>          id: (self assureHtmlIdUsing: html) ;
>          onClick: ((html javascript logger call: 'log' with: 'event')
> asFunction: #('event')).

I gave up on onClick: since I guess its better to set up event
bindings through jQuery's API.  This binding does what I want, no
syntax error.

     html script defer with:
          ((html jQuery id: (self assureHtmlIdUsing: html)) onClick:
               ((html javascript logger call: 'log' with: (html
javascript alias: 'event')) asFunction: #('event'))).

It seems like a pretty wordy way to write console.log(event), but the
intent reads clearly so, that's good..

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