[Seaside] Progress bar for database query

Dale Henrichs dale.henrichs at gemtalksystems.com
Thu Oct 15 17:06:16 UTC 2015


You should not be blocking the web request while the long running query 
runs ... this would be an application for a service vm [1] to execute 
the long running query and then have your browser poll back for progress 
... I think the readme for the project explains things pretty clearly 
... but you can ask questions on the glass list for more information -- 
check in the tode directory for some service vm scripts


[1] https://github.com/GsDevKit/ServiceVM#servicevm

On 10/15/2015 05:23 AM, dtrussardi at tiscali.it wrote:
> Ciao,
> 	i have a seaside application with some user interface.
> 	Now i have one specific user request for query the database.
> 	This request required some long time on the server before answer.
> 	My goal is to :
> 		a) display a progress bar when the user submit this query
> 		b)  block the web user request until the server answer the data query result
> 	How i can implemented this solution?
> 	Thank for any considerations.
> 		Dario
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