[Seaside] Re: WAComponent to PDF

Hilaire hilaire at drgeo.eu
Tue Oct 27 17:43:08 UTC 2015

Le 22/10/2015 18:38, Otto Behrens a écrit :
>  (WAHtmlCanvas builder fullDocument: true)
> rootBlock: [ :root |
> root context visitor: (WARenderingGuide client: root context visitor).
> root title: 'Form'.
> root meta contentType: (WAMimeType textHtml charset: 'utf-8').
> root stylesheet url: self stylesheetFileFullPath.
> self addAdditionalBookmarksForRowsToRootIfNecessary: root ];
> yourself
> Let me know if you need more.

Hi Otto,

As the generated html file is read locally I get issue with the css path.

It renders the path to the style file as /files/MyFileLibrary/style.css
but it should look like http://myHost/pathToCss/style.css when you want
to read the html file locally.

The absolute path to style.css is purely constructed by Seaside, adding
the host part does not make a valid url:
http://myHost/files/MyFileLibrary/style.css is not valid.

How did you manage it? Are you serving your static files with Apache? I
am not there yet and would like to find a pure Seaside solution. Is
there a way to have a valid url, to a resource, with the http part in?
So far I did not find it, but Seaside is so big.



Dr. Geo

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