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the JS function runs down in the web browser and returns its result 
locally. So there is no easy way to get the results back to the server, 
as far as I know. Calling the function can also only be accomplished 
down in the Browser, e.g. by using events line onLoad etc.

What we usually do in Kontolino is to send such results back to the 
server using an AJAX call.

It is not easy to provide sample code, because you don't exactly state 
how and when you want a function to be called and such.
So just a hint:

we ship down JS code that hooks into Document.onload() from our 
FileLibrary or external source (using html document addLoadScript:) and 
instead of simply returning results we send an AJAX call to the server 
to inform it about the results. The tricky part here is to give that 
script a callback name to call back to.
Please ask for more specific info.



Am 22.09.15 um 07:57 schrieb Thomas Heniart:
> Hi everyone,
> Is it possible to get the result after calling a JS function from Seaside
> For exemple I have a function in a JS file with a function test() 
> which return true,
> Can we do something like
>   result := html aMethod: 'test()'.
> which execute my function and get the result as a String in result ?
> Cheers,
> Thomas
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