[Seaside] How can I get _s in browser URL when using #initialRequest: / cookies / ajax

Mariano Martinez Peck marianopeck at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 18:24:03 UTC 2015

Hi guys,

I am adding "Remember Me" kind of feature in my seaside app. I have my root
seaside class that implements #initialRequest:. If there was a correct
cookie, then I do not even render a login page and instead in the #go: of
my root class I directly #call: my main app component.

The problem I have is that when a user is logged in from a cookie, and my
main app component is called (there is no click from the user, no callback)
, the _s is not in the browser URL.  And all my main menu and everything
from my app is done with ajax. In the past, I found an issue that AJAX
callabacks would not trigger #updateRoot:. So...you can click menus, do
stuff, and still, no _s in browser URL. This is a problem because a user
could, for example, do a CMD+R and then it gets the welcome page again
loosing it's session.

Of course, as soon as I click a button or something that does a normal
callback (not ajax), then the URL gets the _s. But I need to do this from
the very beginning.

Also..the session does answer correct to #url. The problem is about
refreshing the browser's URL.

So... is there a way I can hack in order to re-render something so that _s
is added to the browser URL?  I have an idea in mind but it's a terrible

Thanks for any help,

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