[Seaside] Off-the-shelf authentication

sergio ruiz sergio.rrd at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 18:27:15 UTC 2016

This is the one thing that has kept me from starting new projects in seaside.. rails has cancan and devise available.. and it works perfectly every time / all the time.. i could never justify spending time writing authorization/authentication to do a project in seaside..

I reworked TF-Login to work with the latest version of everything awhile back, but it’s still not as nice as other solutions.

I really should start a project that provides the same types of services as cancan and devise at some point, and just get it done..

On December 2, 2016 at 1:13:44 PM, Andy Burnett (andy.burnett at knowinnovation.com) wrote:

I was really interested in this question. I was hoping that there would be a solid - built in - user authentication system. Given that this isn't a core feature of Seaside, I am wondering whether people tend to handle this completely outside Seaside e.g handing off to a different front end system?
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