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Nicolai Hess nicolaihess at gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 21:06:06 UTC 2016

2016-12-15 14:46 GMT+01:00 Nicolai Hess <nicolaihess at gmail.com>:

> Hi,
> anyone knows the seaside example from the pharo by example book:
> SBE2-SeasideRPN-on.1
> MCSqueaksourceRepository
>     location: 'http://www.squeaksource.com/SqueakByExample'
>     user: ''
>     password: ''
> I can not get it to work. On Seaside 3.0 you need to change the class
> initialization,
> because the application registration had changed.
> But despite that, the calculator does not work. Everytime I push on a
> number
> I get a empty-collection-error.
> I don't understand why, because the rendering of the calculator stack
> calls a method ensureStackMachineNotEmpty, that puts a 0 onto the stack.
> Now, pushing a keypad button for a number, will pop this element and
> convert both
> the existing number and the new number to a new number.
> But somehow the stack is empty, eventhough we call
> ensureStackMachineNotEmpty.
> Anyone has experience with this example or can find out what is wrong ?
> I don't have much experience with seaside.
> thanks in advance.

Ah, on seaside 3.0 the current (initial state) of the StackMachine is saved
once before the rendering (WASnapshot), and if we modify the stack machine
state (the OrderedCollection)
during #renderContentsOn:, the prior state (with the empty stack) is
restored before executing the callbacks.
This had changed, in seaside 2.8, saving the state snapshots happens first
after the initial rendering.
Was this change on purpose ? Is there some information about, when it is
allowed to modify the state during rendering ?

I guess we may have to make sure that any state changes are happening
outside of the rendering, is there some ~pattern~ to follow, when it is
save to change states ?

thanks in advance

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