[Seaside] WAAnchor question

David stormbyte at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 13:12:08 UTC 2016

I am trying to figure out how to make an anchor, with a callback, but
with its url pointing to a page element id, so user do not have to
scroll back again, for example #content

I've tried several things, but can't get this to work.

For the example:

renderContentOn: html

	html div id: 'content'; with: [
		"Code here"
		html anchor callback: [ 'example' explore ]; with:

That will render the link in a standard
format: /?_s=XXXXX&_k=YYYY&number but I'd need it to render the url
with the hash also: Like: /?_s=XXXXX&_k=YYYY&number#content

Is there any method I missed out for doing that?

P.S. It works when no callback is specified if I say url: '#content',
but I need both, the callback, and the page element id anchor.

Thanks for your attention

P.S.2. I am not subscribed to the list, please CC me in the answers

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