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Fri Feb 19 22:58:10 UTC 2016


I'm trying to use REEF but can only find a few limited examples which
aren't helping really. Does anyone know for example how I would update
a RETextField value when a REButton is clicked ?

I found this example someone answered to the query I had but it doesn't work:

REForm subclass: #MyForm
instanceVariableNames: 'textFieldContents'
classVariableNames: ''
poolDictionaries: ''
category: 'ReefSample1-View'.
textFieldContents: aString
textFieldContents := aString
self add: (RETextField new
on: #textFieldContents of: self).
self add: (REButton new
label: 'Try me!';
callback: [ self triggerThenDo: [ self inform: self textFieldContents ]]).

All it does is generate a dialog box when the button is clicked. I
don't know if the inform: method has changed since that was written
but either way it doesn't update the textfield value when the button
is clicked.

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