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Bob Arning arning315 at comcast.net
Fri Jan 1 11:54:45 UTC 2016

What worked for me once upon a time was to convert the euro character to 
a series of utf-8 bytes.


so, for euro-currency signU+20A0 
<http://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/20a0/index.htm> you would 
need a 3-byte string whose characters in hex were: 0xE2 0x82 0xAC

In squeak, I used this

utf8ForCodePoint: cp

SEUtils utf8ForCodePoint: 16r2190

16r2190 radix: 2 '10000110010000'

16    U+FFFF    1110xxxx    10xxxxxx    10xxxxxx

     | bits answer |

     bits := (cp radix: 2) padded: #left to: 16 with: $0.
     answer := String new.
         '2r1110',(bits copyFrom: 1 to: 4).
         '2r10',(bits copyFrom: 5 to: 10).
         '2r10',(bits copyFrom: 11 to: 16).
     } do: [ :radix2 |
         answer := answer, (String with: (Character value: radix2 


On 1/1/16 5:09 AM, Hilaire wrote:
> Le 31/12/2015 15:42, Sven Van Caekenberghe a écrit :
>> A possible solution is to somehow start with a WideString from the beginning (or force it before doing all elements one by one).
> In the hack you are suggesting, does it not required the whole contents
> of the rendered page html code to be put as WideString?
> Indeed, hacking only my object #printOn: method to send WideString to
> the stream does not help.
> Hilaire

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