[Seaside] Re: TableReport slow down

Hilaire hilaire at drgeo.eu
Sat Jan 2 11:02:24 UTC 2016

Le 02/01/2016 11:04, jtuchel at objektfabrik.de a écrit :
> And just to make sure we're not sending you in the wrong direction:
> Johan surely doesn't suggest turning your model objects into
> WAComponents. You don't have to use #render:, and maybe you shouldn't
> even call the method anything like #render, just use some method that
> accepts a renderer as parameter and renders html onto it.

Hi Joachim

If I understood correctly,
1. I need to implement my own*renderOn:* method for my object, (with
code like: *html text: amount; text: ' '; text: '€' *)
2. then from any component I render this object with *html render:
This is what I tested and it provided normal expected rendering time.

But it seems you mean something a bit different: no need to use #render:
Am I missing something?



Dr. Geo

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