[Seaside] Upload large file - my results and questions

Robert Kuszinger kuszinger at giscom.hu
Thu Jan 14 14:34:30 UTC 2016


I need to work out a big file uploader. Files could be around ~300Mb.


   - OS: Linux kuszidell 4.3.3-2-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed Dec 23 20:09:18
   CET 2015 x86_64 GNU/Linux running Pharo
   - Pharo4.0, Latest update: #40626
   - Loaded config: KomHttpServer (HernanMoralesDurand.25)
   - Loaded config: Seaside3 (topa:278)
   - Seaside Adaptor: WAComancheAdaptor on 8080


   - When working locally, even 153 MB file is uploaded in seconds.
   - Pharo grows in memory with each upload (haven't seen any degradation
   yet). This is also a situation when uloading locally (localhost:8080)
   - Received file (ByteArray) is held in memory when receiving (checked
   with halt/inspect).

However, when running on the *final configuration*:

   - IIS7.5 on Windows Server 2008R2 as reverse proxy with ARR and Rewrite
   IIS "plugins"
   - VPN connection from IIS box to the Linux box with Pharo, see above

The following effects realized:

   - Upload process goes well, no error. However, sometimes the resulting
   file wouldn't appear in the target directory (??). No error in Pharo as
   well. Disappears (hmm?).


   - are there* any timeout settings* in Seaside and/or in Comanche?
   Especially on transfers, etc. Session timeout could be short, if any... The
   main difference between the local and final config/setup is the
   network/transfer speed (VPN is very slow).
   - Is there an *option for streaming directly the uploaded file* into a
   target file?

*Uploading "software" is as easy as this:*

*renderContentOn:* html
html form multipart;
           with: [
     html fileUpload callback: [ :value | self receiveFile: value ].
     html submitButton: 'Upload' ].

*receiveFile:* aFile
    | stream |
stream := (FileDirectory default directoryNamed: '/home/kuszi/tmp')
          forceNewFileNamed: aFile fileName.
[ stream binary; nextPutAll: aFile rawContents ] ensure: [ stream close ]

Thanks and best regards
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