[Seaside] Fwd: WADebugErrorHandler problem

Robert Kuszinger kuszinger at giscom.hu
Mon Jan 18 11:29:43 UTC 2016

Hi Everyone,

I have a "fresh" Pharo 4 image loaded with Seaside, Komhttpserver and my
own app, naturally. I'm in a search of an error so I need
WADebugErrorHandler. I've been reading on many forums and also advised to
set the following in my application configuration:

*----- Configure WAExceptionFilter here:*


*Possible filters:*

 AddWAExceptionFilter    [*Configure*] *[Remove]*

*----- And then set WADebugErrorHandler here:*

*Application: /upload*

*Inherited Configuration*

*Possible parents:*      *[ Add ]*

WA...whatever..... :)

*Assigned parents:*




*Exception Handler*    WADebugErrorHandler      *[Clear]*

*[OK]    [APPLY]   [Cancel]*

*But it is not working*, I'm getting the short error message. No debug
window in the image as well....

*Internal Server Error *GRInvalidUtf8Error: Invalid UTF-8 input
KomHttpServer/7.1.3 (Win32) Server at 'localhost' Port 8080

*What else to check?*


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