[Seaside] ZINC - Kom dilemma Fwd: WADebugErrorHandler problem

Phil (list) pbpublist at gmail.com
Mon Jan 18 20:04:16 UTC 2016

On Mon, 2016-01-18 at 13:39 +0100, Robert Kuszinger wrote:
> Answering on how it goes:
> 20 - 40 - 10MB upload in seconds. Now it seems to stuck on a ~ 120 MB
> upload. Pharo memory (windows OS) seemed to grow ~ 441 MB. "Space is
> low" warning window appeared. I've clicked on "Proceed" just for
> curiosity but no reaction in the Pharo gui... hmmm...

Assuming you're running the Cog VM you're likely hitting its memory
limits.  I don't recall the exact number, but once you get to the 400-
500 Meg range you're hitting the absolute limit of how much RAM Cog can
deal with.  Also as you've noticed, once you get over about 300 Meg
things will start to slow down rather dramatically.  From what I've
read Spur roughly doubles the amount of RAM that the VM can work with
and should perform much better at large image sizes.  You might want to
consider handling large file uploads like this outside of the image
(i.e. still have your front end in Seaside but handle the actual upload
via an external mechanism)
> thanks
> Robert

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